About the book

The life and work of Miriam Batliwala is an amazing and heart-rending story to be read by the fortunate ones so that they understand the environmental, emotional and financial hardships she has undergone. Despite being visually challenged, she overcame all hindrances and obstacles and used them to achieve success in her life. She showed that she could stand on her own feet, accepted any job that came her way and worked honestly with sincerity.

She is like a pole star to those who are handicapped and develop a negative mind. Her life is a lesson to everyone; that they can face the world, work and live honourably, commanding respect in society. With daring courage and doggedness, Miriam Batliwala faced the world with confidence and gained success in all jobs she undertook accepting all embarrassments seriously, but laughing out lightly.

Probably this enormous set-back in her vision was compensated with an indelible power of memory. Her activities include travelling overseas all alone, playing golf, netball, hockey and swimming, running an orphanage, practising and teaching yoga, looking after family besides committment to social activities. When all these are a challenge even to those who are gifted with everything in life, she does them all with ease and perfection.

Miriam’s amazing determination, immeasurable courage, daring willpower, persistence, perseverance and confidence makes her sail in the same life boat as us, to reach the shore of satisfaction and contentment in her life.

I feel her life story is a great inspiration and I am sure many can borrow a leaf or two from her work and wisdom to face all eventualities with presence of mind and healthy involvement to lead a worthy and lively life.